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Project Structure

The aim of the Project Reinforcing of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre is to improve quality, capacity and potential of our research, e.g. research infrastructure, human potential and networking ability. This will establish conditions that will allow to exploit fully our research potential thus contributing to the regional development using the knowledge and experience of the research institutions and industries of other regions of Europe, and in that way promoting international S&T cooperation between Europe and Serbia as Associated Country.

Project objectives and expected results include the following:
- Exchange of know-how and experience with EU research institutions and industrial sector primarily through contacts, training stays and study visits with our EU networking partners. This will provide transfer of knowledge and experience and will be performed through activities of WP1.
- Dissemination and promotional activities will serve to disseminate knowledge within the region of Western Balkans through our network of joint activities with institution in Serbia and the whole region. These activities will be used to promote the leading role of EU research institutions and ERA in this EU convergence region. These objectives are going to be executed through activities of WP2.
- Strengthening the human potential will increase the overall capacity of the Centre and therefore will contribute to sustainable activities of the Centre in its future activities. Expected results include hiring of two experienced returning scientists and also hiring of three young researchers. These activities will be conducted within WP3 of the project.
- Acquisition, development, maintenance or upgrading of research equipment will serve as one of the key elements for reinforcing of the research capability of the Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre of Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. New pieces of equipment as well as upgraded units will contribute to the increased quality of research performed at the Centre and to sustainability of Centre activities. This will performed within the tasks of WP4.
- Workshops and Conference will further strengthen networking activities of the Centre and will introduce prospective collaboration partners to the activities and capabilities of the Centre. These objectives and results are going to be performed within WP5 of the project.

These objectives will be achieved through the concept shown in following scheme:

Networking scheme of the proposed project

The work plan of the project includes management and assessment of progress and results. A detailed work plan is broken down into six work packages (WPs), which follow the logical phases of the implementation of the project:

·    WP1 - Exchange of know-how and experience. The objectives of this work package are: to train young scientists from NFMC FTM UB to work on new, upgraded and renewed equipment, to increase mobility of young and senior scientists, to organize a highly cooperative research work, and to exchange know-how and experience between researchers from the EU research institutions, FTM UB and other institutions from Western Balkan region.
·    WP2 - Dissemination and promotional activities. To enhance visibility and dissemination of the project results and improve NFMC FTM UB profile through set up and maintenance of a dedicated web site, release of promotional materials and educational programme for TV media and national publications
·    WP3 - Strengthening the human potential. To increase NFMC FTM UB' human S&T potential by facilitating recruitment of new researchers
·    WP4 - Acquisition, development, maintance or upgrading research equipment. The objectives of this work package are upgrading and renewing of existing laboratory devices and purchasing of new equipment
·    WP5 - Workshops and Conference. To enhance international reputation of NFMC FTM UB by organising one international conference and two workshops. To facilitate networking, training and dissemination through participation in international conferences.
·    WP6 - Project Management. The objective of this WP is to ensure the basic management infrastructure for the project, which will enable undisturbed functioning of all tasks on the time and within the planned budget.

Project Management Structure