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Incoming Experienced Scientists

Dr Velimir Radmilovic, principal investigator came from National Centre for Electron Microscopy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, MS-72, University of California at Berkeley, US. His research Interests are: Fundamental aspects of structural phase transformations in solids and solid-solid interfaces. Structure-property relationship in solids. Deformation behavior and fracture mechanisms in solids. Electron microscopy investigation of the structure and distribution of defects such as inclusions, grain boundaries, and dislocations. Characterization of the atomic structure of interfaces by conventional and high-resolution electron microscopy in tandem with computer image simulation. Structure-property relationship in thin films. Nanowires. Catalysts. Current Research Activity:  Alloy Design, Alloy thin films: Al-X (X=Si, Mo,W), Ni-Zr, etc. for MEMS and NEMS applications, Solid-state phase transformations and interfaces,  Core/Shell nanostructures embedded in solids, Pt-based nanoparticles – electrocatalysts,  Mechanical behavior of structural materials, SiC thin films and nanowires, APS (Active Pixel Sensor) detectors for electron microscopy.

Dr. Ivan Stamenkovic, researcher came from Centro Ceramico di Bologna , Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy. His research Interests are: Thermo-chemical properties of ceramic materials, Physical parameters of metallic and ceramic powders: crystal phases, specific surface area, granulometry, morphology by SEM, porosity and pore size distribution. R&D of natural isotopes content uranium oxide fuel technology: powders pre-treatments, pressing, sintering, QC, R&D of heat insulating refractories (MgO, Al2O3/SiO2); gas permeable ceramics; hot pressing MgO/ Al2O3, transparent MgO, High purity and sinterable mixed ceramics; sol-gel powders; aluminium-titanate, Bio-ceramics on the basis of ZrO2, Al2O3 mixtures: co-precipitation; pressure slip casting-colloidal shaping, sintering; characterisation. SiC, Si-SiC ceramics, Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride and gas pressure sintered silicon nitride,  Low pressure injection moulding of traditional ceramics, recycling of ceramic wastes. Thin layer solar cells for ventilated facades.