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P&G NTC: Procter & Gamble Newcastle Technical Centre

P&G NTC: Procter & Gamble Newcastle Technical Centre, Newcastle, UK

The Newcastle Technical Center (NTC)  is a Global centre of excellence in laundry and automatic dishwashing product development. Most products developed on site are for the global market  and  are either powder based or support new innovations in new product categories.
The Site researches the chemistry of surface active ingredients, sequestrants and bleaches, whilst powder processing, mixing, agglomeration and spray drying are key areas of process technology.  The site also houses the Company's largest pilot spray drying tower.

Contact person:

Prof David York

Prof David York has over 30 years of particle technology experience at P&G covering the scales of nano to millimetre particles, a range of particle making processes from crystallisation, extrusion, spray drying to agglomeration and encapsulation as well as a range of activities from upstream research to plant design, start up and optimisation.

He currently holds the role of Research Fellow at P&G´s Newcastle technical centre in the UK-a global powder centre for the company. He is the technical leader of P&G´s Process Breakthrough group.
David has a number of roles within P&G including developing partnerships with academia, generating new ideas for improving products and processes, increasing the technical mastery of the R&D process engineers as well as directing the technical direction of numerous particle related technology projects.

David is a Visiting Professor of Particle Technology at the University of Leeds University, where he enjoyed six and a half years representing the university at tenpin bowling, soccer, watching Leeds United dominate the English league, photographic editor for the student newspaper. He also found some time to study and research chemical engineering.

He is the author of 17 granted patents with more than 12 others in examination. Most of these involve particles, though he also is an inventor on the water soluble unit dose products and a number of plasma treatment processes. His research interest includes the strategic view of the future of granulation research and he has published 2 scientific articles on this subject.
David is a Fellow of both the IChemE and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He is a board member of the "European Working Party on Agglomeration" (European Federation of Chemical Engineering EFCE). He is a member of the UP panel for the EPSRC. He has also sat on the Technical Steering Committees of numerous high profile conferences and meetings in the field of particle technology.